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  • Identify the key fairs to participate in
  • Meet quality buyers at a single venue
  • Participate in pre-show and onsite value-added programmes
    designed to drive attention and sales leads to your booth
  • Engage in post-event follow-up with potential partners and clients

About Wine International LTD

Through our strategic alliances with government,  trade agencies and in-market trade advisers, Wine International Ltd identifies markets of high export potential and selects key trade fairs for exporters' participation.

Since 2004, we have successfully organised the participation of over 650 international exhibitors in wine and food fairs across Asia, from Singapore to Seoul, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei.We also organise customised "Country-Importers Presentation" in specific markets where such programmes are more effective than buying a booth in a trade show.

We provide a wholesome package of services: organising food and wine exhibitors' stand bookings and selecting priority locations, consolidating exhibit samples and clearing documentation  and deliver to booth, facilitating translation of booth materials, hire of interpreters with pre-show briefing and familiarising them with your products, pre-show conducting of in-market retail familiarisation tour and arranging accommodation and necessary entry visas.

Australia & New Zealand food & beverage exporters

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Upcoming Events

FHW India

19-21 Jan Mumbai

Wine & Gourmet Japan

12-14 Apr Tokyo

TopWine China 

22-24 May Beijing


31 May-4Jun Bangkok


13-15 Jun Ningxia

WineTech Australia 

5-7 Jul 2017 Adelaide 

FHW China

21-23 Sep Guangzhou


WineTech Australia welcomes ALL GLOBAL manufacturers of equipment and service providers in the Viticulture industry to WineTech 2017, presented by Wine Industry Suppliers Association Australia